About our office services

We know that for a small business the investment in office space and services can be prohibitive. We can provide a whole range of office services, saving you time, money and space.

For example, we can offer:

  • high speed scanning of documents, giving you an electronic copy of every document. Scanning frees up space and allows you to archive safely.
  • we can offer secure paper shredding also; you can combine this with scanning to solve your archive and space problems, or just use us to shred sensitive documents securely. We can offer standard and DIN 32757 Level 3 cross shredding for confidential documents.
  • electronic filing. We can help you to move to a paperless office, organising your scanned or electronic documents.
  • other office services - typing, email campaigns, and more. If you can't see it, please ask!


scanningAs business becomes more and more complex, our offices and often our homes are filling up with paper, taking up valuable space. The problem is that in a lot of cases we have to retain the information held on that paper; personnel records, tax and financial information and other documents may need to be filed for many years.  But to store it can be expensive and means documents are not very accessible. Electronic filing can be the answer.  A lot of scanned data is admissible in court and for HMRC and Companies House.  More and more businesses are scanning and electronically archiving their paper records. It means you can save on expensive storage, making the data far more accessible and freeing up office space for more profitable use.

Rapid and high quality scanning

We have invested in rapid, high quality scanning equipment so you don't have to.  We can offer rapid double sided scanning and we'll cope with bound documents, stapled documents and more.  Scans are in full colour and stored as a pdf file.  It means everyone, everywhere can read the file - or download a reader for free.  pdf files are the universal and highly efficient documents of choice for retaining quality and keeping documents for the long term.


No matter how small or how large your project, we can offer a full range of services and will be happy to help. Our clients are all unique and have different requirements and budgets, so we tailor our document scanning to be as flexible as possible to cater to your needs.

Confidentiality and security

When they're not being scanned all documents are stored in a locked steel cabinet to ensure they're safe.  If you combine our scanning service with document shredding you know you'll get a highly secure service.  We're used to dealing with commercially sensitive records as well as other types of confidential documents.

Quality and experience

We have significant experience in scanning documentation for lots of different industries from health professionals to engineers, property companies to business services. All of our work is completed to the highest standards.


shreddingOur document shredding services are designed to comply with the privacy and confidentiality requirements of individuals and organisations. We know that keeping customer and employee information secure isn’t just good business sense – it’s the law.

Privacy legislation includes the ultimate destruction of confidential materials. It states that all private information contained in documents must be destroyed in a way that ensures it cannot be recreated. To fully ensure this, secure shredding is the most effective and preferred method.

Our shredding service includes a standard shredding service for non-confidential documents, and a full secure shredding service using a cross cut shredder to DIN standard 32757, suitable for confidential material.

Why shred?

Bank statements and business contracts are by no means the only documents that contain confidential information. On a daily basis, in almost every business, confidential materials are generated by almost every employee. Anything from strategic planning documents to management reports are frequently generated and then discarded.

We're aware that identity theft has grown to become one of the most costly security risks that businesses now face. It’s a threat which can quickly destroy business reputation and security; with potential costs running to millions of pounds, negative impact on credit ratings and angry or lost customers with potentially huge damage to your reputation.

Shredding avoids the risks; you can bring your documents to us where they'll be stored in a locked steel cabinet until they're shredded. Combine it with our scanning service and you'll be able to store all your documents electronically as well!

Electronic filing

make paper filing a thing of the pastWe have many years' experience in creating and maintaining an electronic filing system.  If you want to move to a paperless office, or just want to get documents scanned and archived in a way which makes them easy to retrieve, we can help. 

We'll put together a filing system for you which matches your business needs, and we can scan documents, storing in a folder structure or a document storage and retrieval system.

And with a lot of scanned data being admissible in court and for HMRC and Companies House, it really does make sense to get a sound electronic filing system up and running!

Other services

We can provide you with the other office services you need - just ask!  From typing to holiday receptionist cover, we'll support your business and help you to focus on what you do best.  Examples of recent work include;

  • setting up a Google Adwords campaign
  • typing documents from legacy paperwork
  • registering a web site with relevant directories
  • providing telephone cover for absent staff