Whitehill Mailbox

Tired of missing the postman?

Want to project a solid presence in the market place?

We know that first impressions really count in business, and our professional address service can project the image that you want.

For £18 per month you can rely on us for:

  • A professional UK business address without the added cost of an office rental.
  • A real person to sign for your parcels, and sort through your mail 5 days a week.
  • A range of options at your disposal - call in and collect, forward or scan and email.
  • Complete confidence your mail is secure - all mail is stored in a locked metal cabinet and then double locked into an office area.
  • A low cost way to project a solid, business-like presence in the market place.

We offer a no-frills, low cost service for sole traders and small businesses.  With a one month minimum contract and a one month notice period, you can try out our service and see what works best for you.

Call us on 01793 677899 or email angie(at) to book your mailbox today!

What is a professional address?

writing.jpgA professional address enables you to create a professional image without the cost. All mail can be sent to your company name at our professional address and will be dealt with according to your preferences. You can also use this address as your Registered Company Address with Companies House - giving you the professional advantage of being registered in the well-known and historic town of Royal Wootton Bassett.

As you'd expect, our staff are on hand to sign for deliveries during normal office hours, so you don't need to worry about being in to sign for parcels and registered post.

Many consider using a P.O. box instead of a professional address.  We'd advise against this; it will make it difficult to locate your business using Google Local, and of course you can't get parcels and signed-for post delivered to a PO box.  And if you're comparing us with a Swindon P.O. box, the chances are we're cheaper as well.

 Unfortunately we are unable to supply a professional address if you are outside of the UK.

What are the benefits?

professional addressFirst impressions really count in business, and our professional address services can project the image you want for your business. No customer need to question the professionalism of your business when they see your address. It sounds real, successful and serious; all the things that you want others to associate with your business.

Be found online

It’s hard to find a P.O. box on Google Maps or Google Local, and you almost certainly don’t want people using those tools to find your home address. A professional business address is a must for just about any startup or company that wants to be taken seriously and considered legitimate. It makes it far easier for you to build an online presence, and to get found online. Search engines don’t count a P.O. box as a physical address.

Keep things separate

A professional address also allows you to separate business and home, whether you live in the UK or abroad. You'll avoid business mail and callers arriving at your home or workshop, and ensure all mail is dealt with, all parcels and packages signed for. And of course, you'll be presenting a more professional image to prospective customers - every day.

P.O. boxes don’t allow for parcels

You might not anticipate getting a lot of parcels. But what if you make a business purchase online? Or suppose a customer wants to return something? If either of these things could happen, you can’t have them sent to your P.O. box. Which means you’ll have to give out your home address, even though the P.O. box was meant to avoid that in the first place. Our professional business address service can handle parcels, registered post and packages, and will still prevent you from having to share your home address with people you’ve never met.

Access to additional business services

A professional address is just one of the many business services we can provide. Whether you want some typing done, documents scanned for archive or a web site, we can help. And all our services are provided on an as-needed basis, so you can know they're there when you need them.

What we provide

We will give you our professional address to use as your own; simply give your business address as;

Your company
3c Hopewell House
Whitehill Lane
Royal Wootton Bassett

We'll then hold securely for collection, forward your post or open and scan it - all according to your preferences

parcels and letters - optionsHow does it work?  Options for dealing with your mail

Our fully trained staff will receive all mail, packages and parcels. We will deal with incoming mail according to your preference.

Options for letters are;

  • Hold for collection during office hours. We'll email you when post arrives and you can call in and pick post up whenever it suits you.
  • Forward post on to your address. You can choose to have your mail forwarded when needed; daily, weekly or quarterly - we're happy to meet your requirements.
  • Open, scan and email post to your email address. If you are expecting an important urgent item of mail, or if you just want to see your mail straight away, we can (with your permission) open and scan your mail and ensure you receive it via email.

Options for parcels and packages are;

  • Hold for collection during office hours. We'll sign for your parcel and email you when it arrives. You can call in and pick it up whenever it suits you.
  • Send on to an address you nominate. If you don't want to call in, or can't get to us easily, we can send on larger items when we receive them.

How it all works

give out your new address

You give your customers, contacts, suppliers, HMRC, Companies House - anyone dealing with your business - your professional address.

guarantee collection at our offices

We guarantee there's someone in the office during office hours to sign for parcels and documents, collect your mail and store it safely.

choose what to do with your mail

At your request we can either hold mail for your collection, post it daily or weekly to an address you nominate, or open, scan and email it to you.

we'll keep your mail secure

If you opt to collect your mail, we store it securely in a locked steel cabinet.

we can provide phone services - the full package

We can also provide telephone services if you like, to give that fully professional look to your business.


What do I do next?

If you'd like to discuss a professional business address in more detail or want to discuss prices, please contact us.