About Company Secretarial services

puzzledAs a Director of a registered company and/or charity, UK law requires you to keep certain records, submit certain documents and hold certain meetings.

We can help you to comply with the requirements on Directors. We'll also help with the secretarial services involved.

And if you've not yet set up your own company, we can help set up your company as well. It's all part of our commitment to help you focus on business, while we provide the support you need.

Registered Companies and Charities: Requirements for Directors

we'll help you with compliance and supportIf you're a Director of a company registered with Companies House, and/or a charity registered with the Charities Commission, you have certain legal obligations you must comply with.  In addition, the Memorandum and Articles of Association for the Company may well place obligations on you (for example, to hold an Annual General Meeting, or AGM).  There are also more general obligations to keep minutes of Board meetings and a company register.

We can act as your Company Secretary; we'll make sure you comply with the requirements of Company law (and Charity law, where it applies).  We'll file your Annual return and Annual Report and Accounts and make sure you've checked the accuracy and timeliness of the information contained in them.  We can also provide a registered company address, take minutes of Board meetings and maintain the Company register for you. 


complianceCompliance includes;

  • maintenance of statutory registers
  • filing of annual return
  • filing of annual report and accounts
  • preparation and filing of forms relating to any changes to the company - change of Directors, officers, registered address, name etc.

We are able to manage these processes for you, checking information and keeping you informed of information which we'll need to ensure you get your annual report and accounts, annual return and other forms in on time.

We'll take the headache out of compliance - allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Outsourced Company Secretarial Services

board meeting supportWe can help you focus on your business.  Our outsourced Company Secretarial services include;

  • management of your annual general meeting (AGM)
  • preparation, attending and minute taking at Board meetings
  • acting as named Company Secretary
  • filing and maintaining records of Board meetings and your AGMs

Diverting your existing staff to provide this support can affect your business; we'll help you to stay focused while we ensure the records are kept up to date and obligations to ensure meetings run smoothly are met.

Registering a new company

company formationWe can get a new company registered for you in just a few hours.  We'll provide the necessary paperwork and register it with Companies House.  We'll put together some standard documents needed (Memorandum and Articles of Association) and even print share certificates for you.

You'll only do this once; so let us help you to get it right.

What do I do next?

If you'd like to discuss a professional business address in more detail or want to discuss prices, please contact us.