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Which website style is right for your business?

Posted by admin on March 4, 2016

wifisignal.pngBefore your customers make a purchase, chances are they will look online whether it’s on their mobile or a computer. Many small businesses don’t have a website as they don’t think it’s an essential.. however, now more than ever an online presence is vital stepping stone working towards reaching your target audience. You may even find that creating a website for your brand may also help to solidify your business image.

Many businesses who don’t have a website believe that they don’t have time to maintain and update it or they don't have the funds to build one. However, records show that NOT having a website can inhibit business growth and marketing success. If you want your business to grow and reach out to more customers then establishing your online presence is a must. With cost effective, user friendly alternatives to building your website from scratch, there is no better time to be thinking about starting one up.

So, which website style is best suited to you?

The landing page

Landing pages are the first port of call for anyone interacting with your business online. These single pages are great for smaller campaigns or one off projects as they typically have a lot less content on them - meaning they require less maintenance.

Nick Leech, digital director of 123-reg has spoken on the subject: 

"A landing page is often added to an existing website to communicate a single message to a single group of people. For example, welcoming visitors from another site or giving them an exclusive offer. Nevertheless, landing page sites are an increasingly popular choice for people who are running a time-limited event, such as a conference or concert.”

The downside of this is that it restricts small businesses on the amount of information they can share and while they do have a visual appeal, one page websites struggle to achieve high search engine rankings. This is because Google, and any other search engine providers, will rank websites depending on their level of content.

Portfolio page

A portfolio website is the next step on from a one page site. As the name suggests, they are best suited to showcase an array of work from businesses such as photographers, architects or designers.

As portfolio sites are an archive of past work, they don’t require much maintenance. However, you may want to add details of new projects or edit and amend inclusions - so access to a content management system is useful so you don’t need a web company to make small changes. Portfolio sites are mainly designed to gain interest and provide leads for the business, so should include contact details or a contact page that allows potential customers to send an email direct to the business.

Information website

For some businesses, selling their products online is not the most important aim of a website. For others, the website is used for holding general information about the business in the hope that it will gain interest from it's users.

This type of website is also intended to raise brand awareness and deliver new leads to the business. This type of site can be extremely powerful if your business is looking for lead generation online. Your website will encourage customers to fill in forms, use demonstrations etc. in order to gain interest.

Information sites also do well in Google search results because they will contain a wide range of pages which can rank for terms relevant to target audience. Popular platform such as Word press allow the company to update its information and integrate other forms of content such as video.

E-Commerce website

If you are selling online, then this kind of website is for you. E-commerce websites let customers search for a product and complete a transaction over the website. It also allows a brand to show off its individual selling points and personality.

With a growing number of purchases coming through mobile and other tablet devices, it makes sense for devices to be dynamically designed so that they recognise the way that a user is accessing the site and present information accordingly.


An e-commerce website is more complex to build and manage, and may even give you better originality than a simple site, allowing for it to be what you want. However, there are so many options now available to businesses and individuals alike, enabling them to create their own e-commerce website using a clear, user friendly template.


Just remember whichever site you decide is best for your company, you need to make sure it’s managed and maintained. For example, if you are increasing your prices you will need to make sure these are updated on your website.

If you'd like some help building or maintaining your website, please get in touch with us either by sending an email at claire(at) or give us a call on 01793 677899. 

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