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How to spot a "phishing" email
Whitehill is now being targetted by "phishing" attacks of the sort usually seem from banks and building societies. Here we outline how to spot a phishing trip..  Read more »
Survival rates for new businesses drop
Survival rates for new businesses have plumetted with just four in ten new UK businesses make it to the age of five, despite 91 per cent making through the all-important first year of trading, new analysis has shown.   Read more »
The end of the tax return?
Introduction to the new HMRC initiative to make all tax digital, ending the tax return altogether.  Read more »
5 steps to creating the perfect business document
Having professional business documents is essential for your business. These documents may include running financial reports, printing invoices, printing statements, whichever kind of document it is, it needs to look professional because a good appea…  Read more »
Is it time to go paperless?
The idea of paperless, electronic communication emerged with the introduction of the computer nearly twenty years ago. Read on to find out why you should choose a paperless office for your organisation.  Read more »
Tax rates and thresholds for 2016/17: get ready for the new tax year
Get ready for the new 2016/17 tax year with our handy tax tables.  Read more »
Which website style is right for your business?
Before your customers make a purchase, chances are they will look online. First impressions count - read on to find out how you can make yours last online  Read more »
What every small business should know about going digital
Thinking about pushing your businesses presence in a digital market? Here are some vital points to think about when planning your success...  Read more »
How can we help? Free information to help you break free from the jargon
From explaining what you can claim on a tax return to what an aged debtor is, we have the information you need.  Read more »
Discover what the rest of the world can see about you: Does your private address stay private online?
Where does my address appear on public records? How can I check? Use our simple guide to find out. Includes links to common databases which will allow you to see what others can see.  Read more »
Taking your business to the next level: why management reporting matters
Answers to 5 common questions about management reporting. Why do I need it? Is it different from financial reporting? and much more..  Read more »
Why a business address with Whitehill might make sense for you
We have a large variety of mailbox clients and they all want the same thing - to run their business without the risk of losing their privacy. Click to read more.  Read more »
Six marketing skills every business needs to know in 2016
Marketing is a continually evolving business discipline that requires a very specific set of skills. The ongoing rise of digital marketing, along with the growing influence of social media, means 21st century businesses have to stay ahead of the game…  Read more »
Pensions autoenrolment: what you need to know
With auto-enrolment coming in 2016/17 for most small businessess, we provide a short introduction to what every business needs to know.  Read more »
Changes to salary and dividend tax rules from April 2016
There are a number of changes which affect how salaries and dividends are treated for small businesses. Here's a summary of the main changes.  Read more »
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