Pierre Marsh – Marsh Training Systems

Pierre Marsh, former fire fighter, now consults and coaches people who suffer from Dyslexia. He has been a pleasure to work with!


Pierre Marsh formed Marsh Training Systems Ltd when he retired from the fire service earlier this year. Having suffered from the difficulties associated with dyslexia, Pierre wanted to make a difference in the way that people view dyslexia in the workplace. After reviewing his options, he decided to ask Whitehill Business Services to take care of what goes on behind the scenes, enabling Pierre to focus on developing the business idea itself.

Throughout Pierre’s career as a firefighter, he noticed the fire service training system was traditionally based around drills and repetitive activities that did not always cater to each individuals’ learning style. Pierre felt the need to step up and provide the support that he knew many people needed. Now, Pierre Marsh offers tuition, consultancy and coaching whilst also giving people the chance to earn a Higher Education Certificate.

“If "sameness" is the code for capability and safety, "difference" becomes the code for risk and danger. Dyslexia is a different thinking style - the disability comes from the difficulty the individual has operating in a Non-Dyslexic world which uses language, communication and imagination differently from that which is natural to them.” Says Pierre.

To support Pierre, Whitehill offered him a complete virtual office package which included setting up and running his accounts, providing a professional mailbox address for business mail, designing and organising business cards and providing a user-editable web site describing Pierre’s philosophy and linking to online course booking.

To make sure Pierre reaches his audience, Whitehill used the British Dyslexia Associated guidelines for web site design in developing www.marshtrainingsystems.com.

In a recent customer review, Pierre marked us 8 out of 10 stars and said that he would recommend our services to any other start up business. Pierre also mentioned that he felt very comfortable knowing that the finance, online and mailbox details were being taken care of by Whitehill Business Services. We take pride in the standard of service we offer our customers so this was excellent news to hear.

Nicola, who is using Xero for the bookkeeping part of Whitehill’s support, said “it’s great to work with Pierre and to help get the most from his obvious talent. The first course has been oversubscribed and we’re committed to giving Pierre the support he needs as his business grows”. Claire, who is providing the mailbox service and some web site support, said “it’s a pleasure to offer Pierre a service that means he can focus on his own business idea which stands for such an inspiring cause.”

But as always we’ll leave the last word with our customer. “You've been kind, professional and supportive for dyslexics like me. Well done Whitehill.”