Okanagan Hockey Schools UK Ltd

OHS UK LTD, an organisation dedicated to the development of skill and personal development in ice hockey has been a customer of Whitehill for 2 years. Read on for more information.

ohalogo3.pngOkanagan Hockey Schools UK Ltd are an organisation that is dedicated to the development and training of young people in Ice Hockey. They offer a complete programme that includes education, hockey, off-ice strength and conditioning, mental training, personal and team development.

album_3_737414.jpgThe academy works in close partnership with Lydiard Park Academy, who provide academic and school work on  a flexible basis, ensuring academy players don't miss out, following the national curriculum and a timetable tailored to allow for early morning ice hockey training at the rink.

The academy programme is comprehensive and allows players to develop their skills and their characters....

Okanagan Hockey Schools UK (OHSUK) Ltd are a valued customer for Whitehill Business Services, who have provided bookkeeping and accounting support over several years. OHSUK's schedule is packed, with tours to play across Europe, and regular coaching and match play.  With so much going on, OHSUK find that it's vital to be able to concentrate on the needs of the organisation, so they value Whitehill's expertise and team commitment.

Steve Nell, general manager of OHS, said, "Thanks for the support you've given us over album_3_604679.jpgthe years, the communication has been fantastic and Whitehill have really helped us to focus on the main needs of our business." 
Karen, who manages the OHSUK account, said, "I find it deeply satisfying helping OHS keep their finances accurate and under control for effective management and statutory reporting. On behalf of Whitehill, I'd like to thanks OHS and Wildcats for their continued loyalty and support."

If you would like to read more about OHS UK, click here to visit their website.