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What we do

We deliver bookkeeping, office and web services to small and medium sized businesses across the UK. We make sure you can focus on the things you do well, without the headaches of bookkeeping, admin and office rental.

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Get a clear picture of your bottom line

Five of the top ten reasons for business failure are associated with poor bookkeeping practices.

Research shows that businesses can fail because of a number of different factors - but a failure to focus on what will make the business succeed is the number one cause of business failure.

Also included in the top 10 reasons why small businesses fail are:


  • a failure to control cash
  • a failure to control costs
  • a failure to build a team with necessary skills, including finance
  • a failure to pay taxes (VAT and PAYE)
  • undercapitalisation
We will compile your financial data and make sure you have a clear picture of the bottom line.

Bookkeeping by our professional staff will help you to avoid costs and anticipate cashflow problems. We'll make sure your VAT and PAYE returns are correct and introduce a proper credit risk management process to make sure you get paid on time. Above all, the "no surprises" finance, credit and risk management environment we introduce will leave you free to manage your business with confidence. Contact us for details, or visit our sister site whbookkeeping.co.uk for details and example pricing.

How we add value

coins.jpgResearch shows that a "focus on things the company does well" consistently appears as one of the top reasons why businesses succeed. Conversely, studies into why businesses fail show a "failure to focus" is the number one cause of business failure.

Our friendly, professional team delivers bookkeeping, virtual office and web services to small and medium sized businesses across the UK. We make sure you can focus on the things you do well, without the headaches of admin, new technologies and bookkeeping.

You may be starting a new company and need to find someone you can trust but who will keep costs low. Talk to us. We can offer brilliant packages and bundles of services to make your startup really fly - and at prices which are the most competitive around.

You may already be running a small business and have an accountant, a web site and be answering the phone yourself. Maybe you keep your own books.

Whatever your circumstances, we have something to offer: Lower overhead costs, access to new customers, more time to focus on the business and a clear picture of the bottom line are just some of the reasons to work with us.

About the team - and the company

Whitehill started with a conversation between a manager and a young person wanting to start up a business in floral design. The young person explained that she wanted to explore setting up her own business, but wasn't sure how to go about it.

"I guess the first thing I need to do is to go on a bookkeeping course" she started to say. Not in a million years.

Starting a successful business, or growing a business, should be about your idea, your unique selling point, your skills - what you are good at. Not the headaches of office rentals, taxes and admin.

At least, that's the thought process which developed.

Out of this thought process, Whitehill Business Services was born. The aim? To provide all the business services a company or sole trader will need to start or grow a business successfully. A friendly, professional team working closely with people with ideas and small businesses. Believing it's in our interests for them to succeed, knowing we gain as they do. Today we help businesses and charities across the UK. We'd love to help yours as well!

Got into difficulties with your business finances?

 Low cost doesn't mean low quality


We guarantee a cost effective service which will ensure you get the service you need.

  • If you already outsource your bookkeeping and/or accounting, talk to us; we can almost certainly provide more for less.  There's a lot more detail on our sister web site - whitehillbookkeeping.com.
  • If you work from home or give out a mobile number to customers, contact us about a low cost virtual office set-up to ensure you capture all the business you can.
  • If you have a small office or home but need the facilities of a major office set-up - secure shredding, high volume scanning and archiving, filing etc. - talk to us about our office services.  

Gain new customers; make the internet work for you

The internet economy in the UK is now worth over £100bn a year and is growing at a rate of over 10% per annum. Studies show that over 84% of adults in the UK are now online, and 77% of these are using the internet to find out about goods and services.

computer-984158_960_720.jpgYet with the costs of establishing an internet presence starting at £199, accessing this growing economy is the most cost effective way of attracting new customers and growing a business.

Retailers can establish an online shop (ecommerce site) or simply show up on local searches as people look for a local retailer. Tradesmen and professionals such as plumbers, electricians, car workshops and repair facilities, accountants, lawyers and architects can all benefit from a strong web site registered with local search engines and directories.

5 years ago a web site was optional. Today, it's more and more essential. And whilst that site you or a friend designed and put online a few years ago was ok for then, pressures to support mobile devices, coupled with the rise of specialist optimisation requirements such as local search and checks for compliance with standards mean it's unlikely to do well today.  So get in touch to discuss your needs.

Did you know?

65% of UK adults are now routinely using the internet to find out about goods and services online. 45% of these are using a mobile device such as a smart phone or iPad. With the internet economy in the UK growing at 10.9% per annum, now may be the time to review your internet strategy...

Free up time

According to recent research, a focus on the things the company does well is a top reason why businesses succeed. Studies of why businesses fail, on the other hand, show a failure to focus is the number one cause of business failure


You may need time to market your services, or simply to keep the customers you have. You may need to raise finance or attract new investment. You may want to sit back and think through new business opportunities. Or you may simply want to stop spending your whole life on work..

If you keep your own books then work out how many hours a week it takes. For a small business we find it's often 3 or more hours per week - time which could be better spent. Talk to us about our bookkeeping services and you'll be pleasantly surprised by how little it could cost - because we have all the software set up, and the qualified staff who are doing this day in, day out for a range of business customers. It all adds up to time saved and a cost-effective way of keeping track of cash, profits and tax.Whatever the reasons, we can save you time and effort, freeing you up to grow your business.

If you manage your own filing and open your own post, then it's possible a virtual office could cut the time spent on office administration and with mail. Let us provide office services for your business; scanning, filing, archiving, shredding, typing - we can do it all for you. We can also deal with your mail; holding it, forwarding it or opening and scanning to email for you. We can make sure parcels are signed for without someone waiting in; we can deal with junk mail. It all adds up to more time to spend on your business.  So contact us today to discuss your needs.

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